Hi There!

Thanks for stopping by! Most of the time you can find me with dried paint on my fingernails and a cup of tea in hand. Painting has been my creative outlet for over 10 years now. I was trained under two artists who emphasized impressionism and i am so thankful for the love of art they instilled in my heart. painting is like drinking water for me. If I go too long without it, i begin to crave the smooth way oils mix together and the smell of turpentine. And once that paintbrush is in my hand I immediately feel refreshed.

Life is a canvas art began as a fun dream I only whispered to god about in my prayers.  I paint because my creator wired me to create beautiful things. specifically i am most passionate about abstract florals, specialized commissions, and my collection "brides & Blooms." 

thank you for your interest in my art! I look forward to creating a timeless piece of artwork for you.


Ashley Paxton

"He Has Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time..." Ecclesiastes 3:11