So excited you are interested in a personalized piece! Let's talk...

1. Decide on the subject matter

Send me a well-lit photograph as a reference. For example if you want a painting of your horse, dog, wedding bouquet... etc., send me one or two in an email and I will work from those as I paint. 

2. Choose a size

Pricing for commissions varies because of the extra time it takes to meet the client’s desires. Size also varies with each client, but my main concern is finding the right size canvas to fit your wall space. Beyond the averages listed below, I would be happy to discuss pricing structure and size (shipping is not included in the average prices below).

8x10- $100
11x14 - $125
16x20 - $175
18x24 - $250
24x30 - $325

3. Payment

Payment is taken care of through my Etsy Account. Please Click on the Shop link to take you there!

4. Completion

Depending on my schedule and the number of commissions on my list, completion can be anywhere from one week to several weeks. I will work with you and find a deadline that works for both of us.